Take a long, hard look at your duvet cover. Who stitched it together for you? Where does the cotton come from? Why isn’t it as well made as your favourite jacket? It's all enough to keep anyone awake in the darkest hours. Luckily help – and a good night's sleep – is at hand in the form of House Babylon, the London-based bedding label determined to offer high quality for your bed time, allied to transparent, ethical sourcing.

The House Babylon difference starts at the very beginning. All of House Babylon's duvets, sheets and pillowcases are woven from selected Egyptian cotton, guaranteed to be grown without any nasty chemicals and picked by fairly paid workers. The finish is a luxurious sateen weave, which gives a sheen to delight the eye and a super-smooth finish to delight your sleeping self. The quality and transparency extends to the construction of the collections. Expect double stitched borders and button closings. Small features that add easy delight to your everyday.

"Democratising luxury with a transparent label," is how House Babylon themselves put it. Their direct-to-you service means that more luxury can be offered at lower prices. The company is aiming at nothing short of a revolution in the bed linen market, so that not only are sourcing and manufacturing ethical but the detailing is as obsessive as your favourite piece of tailored clothing. The idea is that House Babylon bed linen is as comfortable with its ethics as it is to sleep in.

All of this would be so many worthy words without a focus on fashion, too. House Babylon collections offer a variety of high thread counts, the key measure of tactile luxury. Colours are chosen to meld with any decor with subtle embroidery available on some ranges. The result is bed linen that meets ethical standards while providing cosseting luxury and subtle style. Our verdict: sign us up for the House Babylon revolution.

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