House T by Olivier Dwek is a country villa like no other. Embedded within the rustic beauty of the rolling Greek hills; it brings a whole new meaning to the requisite ‘a room with a view’.

Designed by Brussels-based architect, Olivier Dwek, the modern living quarters comprises of a series of rooms, balconies and terraces all oriented to face the idyllic isle of Kefalonia- an island located 30 miles from the country’s mainland.

Through the intricate framing of different views, the seascape is made even more theatrical. Producing a landscape that exudes such natural beauty that it almost appears superficial in appearance.

The home is where the heart is, however, and House T prevails in producing an architecturally astute residence to rival the scenery.

Taking inspiration from the dwelling’s view with surges of blue, intense light and veils of cloud becoming the motivation behind the impressive structural design. Every single room from the secluded terraces, to living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are all orientated towards the enchanting Greek landscape.

Subsequently, boundaries between interior and exterior living become blurred, as immense sliding doors open on to the sweeping patio form two covered terraces, encouraging eloquent outdoor living.

Practical elements of design prevail also. To ensure that the home could be used throughout the year, in spite of the scorching sunshine and strong sea breezes, carefully designed shelters were deployed across the home to ensure wherever you may reside, safety and comfort is assured.

Combining drops of your most vivid dessert island dreams and pioneering modern architecture, House T by Olivier Dwek is a truly breath-taking devotion to habitual, contemporary living.