This quaint but lovingly decorated 87-square-metre apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan belongs to Brazilian design entrepreneur Houssein Jarouche. Courtesy of the intricate decoration and characterful touches of design, the loft-style apartment perfectly reflects the owner’s personality as well as his love for the American Industrial Era.

Jarouche decorated the entire apartment in collaboration with his friend and New-York based interior designer Ana Strumpf. Most of the objects you can see have been discovered and recycled from an array of flea markets and vintage shops in Brooklyn – a factor that adds to the warm and enchanting aura of the entire property. For instance, the collection of taxidermy that adorns the walls of the apartment gently juxtaposes the dozens of tinned tiles that are used to shield the ceiling.

The one-of-a-kind discoveries find safety in numbers, as the old plate brass lamps form a patchwork across the ceiling and walls, while 12 antique pendant lamps hang suspended over the kitchen bar. Their rustic, vintage charm is expertly contrasted against the kaleidoscopic colours of the kitchen cupboards – a perfect representation of Jarouche’s love for quirky, characterful touches of interior design.

Take a look around the entire property below – images courtesy of Fran Parente - @franparente.