White lines.

Blending immaculate modern design with functionality fit for a young family, the Hupomone Ranch by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop is an exquisite example of minimalist living.

Located on an original 160-acre homestead in the Chileno Valley, California, the barn house boats an impeccably clean interior that merges indoor and outdoor living spaces. Curated by the renowned interior designer, Erin Martin, the internal decoration takes on a warm and natural feel, remaining loyal to the simplistic, minimalist aura of the house. The opulent interior is further enhanced by the large framing windows which open up views to the south, gathering light in to all-living areas for fresh and inspiring appeal.

The architects, tasked to construct a house viable for a young family of three, create a home void of distractions; conducive to socialising and the growing needs of a family. The all-white kitchen is complimented with slide-away windows that directly open to the garden, leading in to the adjacent swimming pool, complete with its own outdoor kitchen area. The landscaping exists as an integral part of the home’s expansive design, courtesy of several outdoor living areas exclusively designed by Lutsko Associates.

Internally, the bedrooms are complete with large framing windows and in-built bookshelves and storage units to ensure all the rooms boast an expansive, open plan arrangement, again in keeping with the distinctly minimalist feel of the house.

Take a closer look around the Hupomone Ranch below and check out the Turnbull Griffin Haesloop website for more examples of luxury, modern interiors.