Photographer Francesco Cattuto was on a customary morning-after-Christmas day stroll in 2015 when he sent up his drone above the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy.

The result – a magnificent aerial image of the 763-year-old Franciscan Chruch rising towards the heavens, bathed in a billowy puff of clouds – earned first place in the ‘Nature’ category of Dronestagram’s third International Drone Photography Contest.




In total, around 6,000 photos were submitted from around the world by a host of professional photographers and amateur enthusiasts for the competition organised by Dronestagram in partnership with National Geographic.

Through the intellectual use of scale, lighting and drone technology, the winners capture incredibly rare insights into some of the world’s untouched and unseen landscapes. Check out the full list of nine winning entries below and head to Dronestagram’s website to keep updated with all things drone.