Long linear roads congested with commuters, queues and frustrations is a picture we all know too well.

Painting an alternative perspective, however is British artist Marcus Lyon who manages to turn the grey, manufactured terrain in to a mesmeric centrepiece. Transforming everyday engineering in to simply serene and enchanting images.

Inspired by the resilience and adaptive skills of humanity ‘at the edge’, Lyons ability to negotiate the chaos and changing environments of roads, buildings and architecture leaves an inspiring, long-lasting mark on the mind.

His latest work, ‘intersection’ is no different, as Lyon himself stipulates that, “Mankind’s interactions with the natural world are defined by a desire to harness the environment to our needs.”

“In a time when our planet faces unknown challenges wrought by climate change, it feels important to imagine what we will leave behind.”

More than just acting as an alternative, birds-eye perspective of life, ‘Intersection’ is an astute analogy in to the precarity of life due to the impact we impose on the natural world.

“Intersection looks at the place where all natural forms have been lost and what remains are the footprints of a man’s interventions,” explains Lyon.

Poetically representing the impact of modern consumerism, Lyon deals with the subject to form a colourful and captivating series of aerial photography. Giving a whole new meaning to the requisite; a road to nowhere.