Instrmnt have forged a formidable reputation for being one of the most sophisticated and innovative design studios in Britain. The Scottish-based brand’s flagship store, which opened last year, is evidence to the cause as the neutral-industrial space is a seamless extension of the brand’s utilitarian design and modern, minimalist feel. But as innovation is at the heart of everything the brand do, Instrmnt continue to evolve the space to offer an ‘ever-changing environment’ by introducing a new point of interest wherever possible.

The latest addition, the Day Bed, designed in collaboration with Edinburgh based craftsman and furniture maker Namon Gaston, acts as an intriguing focal point to the neutral backdrop of the Glasgow flagship store.

The ‘Day Bed’ is manufactured from solid American walnut and is designed to be a fully multi-functional piece; easily adaptable for different uses depending on the users’ needs. For instance, the modular end section can be used as a magazine rack, a raised table or it can even be completely removed and replaced with upholstered woollen cushions. When the cushions are in use, it alters the entire aesthetic from a casual sofa to a contemporary chaise lounge.

Instrmnt hope that the ‘Day Bed’ provides a basis for more collaborative pieces in the future to provide likeminded studios and designers an opportunity to produce something of interest within the confines of the flagship store.

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Photography: ZAC and ZAC