The greatest designs in the world are the ones that have the greatest impact on your life without you even realising - or without you thinking it would have such an impact in the first place. Think about it. Those new wireless headphones you picked up after finally disposing of the free ones you got with your phone has certainly been a step up. Not to mention the new desk charging cable that gives you reliable battery life to survive the Friday night after-work drinks.

Campbell Cole 2

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that it’s quite a beautiful moment when you stumble across something a bit quiet, a bit unassuming, that has a profound impact on your life. Those day to day movements become a little bit brighter, a little bit more enjoyable and a little easier to get through. That flash of new-found dependency is exactly what we felt when the new Campbell Cole Key Toggle landed on our desk this week.

Like we said, the Campbell Cole Key Toggle has a greater impact on the world around us than its considered, contemporary design would first assume. That’s because the small leather accessory was created to reduce the amount of leather waste in the world. Aware of the mounting problem of commercial waste, Ian and Felicity of Campbell Cole reached out to their factory to save all the scraps of leather that they would usually throw away and send it straight to them.

Campbell Cole 3

Campbell Cole 4

Faced with endless strips of spindly leather, Campbell Cole quickly started to roll the strips into single spiral toggle shapes. They soon noticed that any marks that lay on the surplus leather cuts were concealed in the lower layers. Plus, the shape that formed was as sculptural as it was satisfying tactile. By adding a length of paracord through the middle of the toggle and adding a loop on either side to attach a split ring, the Campbell Cole Key Toggle was born.

Campbell Cole 3

Perfect to hang on your keys and to hook them near your front door – or even to keep them safely in touch in your coat pocket - the Campbell Cole Toggle is a saviour when it comes to getting ready in the morning. It’s also a pleasantly dependable everyday accessory that you’ll use and love every day. One that not only takes steps to reduce waste and protect our belongings, but one that goes to show Campbell Cole's evolving influence in the world of modern British design.

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