Enjoying the aid of invisibility on your morning routine may likely have been a forlorn dream, not for much longer, however.

The Invisible Sink by Victor Vasilev is a truly spectacular feat of intelligent, minimalist design, that will ensure your mornings are unmistakably enchanting.

Having studied in various institutions across Copenhagen, Israel and Milan, Bulgarian-born designer Victor Vasilev has been able to refine his inspiration through various design influences. His latest creation, the Invisible Sink is undoubtedly the most innovative yet.

Free of any extraneous materials, the Kub basin is a sink reduced to its purest form; requiring nothing more than a transparent glass frame. Featuring an entirely unique design, the conception of clean, geometric shapes and lines are combined to create a luxurious composition of elegant style.

The cubic structure is supported by a clean marble stanchion, that when viewed at certain standpoints- virtually disappears. The intricate blend of glass and touches of metal reflect Vasilev’s penchant for material purity which can be seen through his series of hypnotising, modified household fixtures.

Also available in a double-sink vanity version, the geometric intelligence of the Invisible Sink will never cease to amaze; ensuring its mesmerising aesthetic is supremely suited to any dream bathroom for years to come.