There are few cars in history that evoke the emotion, passion and unaltered love than that of the Porsche 911 Carrera.

The brutal, if not handsome, aesthetic of the Carrera is archetypal of the rugged appeal of the Porsche series, and this specific IROC inspired Porsche 911 edition is inimitably robust.

Featuring an intimidating yet stylish compliant impact bumper that grazes the road below, as well as the bold blinking headlights and signature Porsche slight spoiler all adorned in the vivid, rich Red exterior; this is not a mere nod to nostalgia or an ordinary Porsche renovation, this car is made for the road.

Every last detail of the Carrera exudes an unblemished engineering beauty.  Boasting a 3.2 litre engine the car offers exceptional balance, as it restricts the vibrations resonating through the engine mounts, which in turn contributes to the ultimate driving experience of the Porsche.

The non-linear torque curve, combined with the motor’s short gears acts as a not so subtle reminder that this car is made for full-throttle driving. At maximum efficiency the car is fast, very fast, charmingly loud, fierce and very conspicuous; all attributes that one would want in a vintage sports car.

In the current buoyant classic car market, a Porsche of these capabilities will yield more adoring eyes than any other car out there. As it did for Porsche enthusiast Alexander Bermudez who took the IROC-inspired Carrera on a drive of a lifetime, eating up the endless rolling hills of the American countryside.

Check out Alexander’s exhilarating extracts about his time behind the wheel of the most explosive and simply inspiring Porsche 911 Carrera of recent years, by checking out his own blog via

In an era of style and sensibility, the Porsche Carrera represents authentic aesthetic and engineering quite like no other.