Since its inception in 2014, Lisbon-based label JAK has made a name for itself as a fail-safe go-to for thoughtfully designed minimalist leather sneakers that don't cost the earth. Its latest style – the S01 L – perfectly epitomises the brand's pared-back approach to design and top notch craftsmanship.

Handmade in Portugal from a combination of carefully sourced leather, cotton and rubber, the S01 L distills these complex materials into a sleek and simple silhouette. The focus here is on the quality of materials over extraneous aesthetic detailing. Clean lines, a classic cut and lack of colour are in keeping with JAK's characteristically refined look. 

Choose from two minimalist colourways: White – an all-white sneaker that's as classic as they come, or Carbon – a white shoe with a single strip of black leather running down the length of the heel. Both styles boast a full grain leather upper in combination with super soft calf leather lining, leather midsoles and pure cotton laces. As well as scoring major style points, these shoes are made to last, thanks to a durable cemented and stitched rubber sole, with removable shock proof innersoles for enhanced comfort and functionality.

Whether you choose to wear them with your everyday uniform of chinos and overshirt, or take them up a notch with tailored separates, JAK's S01 L sneakers will prove their worth time and again, transcending trends and seasons.

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