Ten hectares of dry North African terrain, a trail of terra cotta buildings and the blooms of an olive grove mark the unexpected boundaries of Jardin Rouge; an innovative artist residency where new-age street art meets ambitious full-scale sculpture.

Launched in 2007 by the private Montresso Art Foundation, Jardin Rouge is a breading ground for artists from various backgrounds to build, create and paint projects in a flexible timeframe. The immense artistic playground, composed of workshops, sculptures and red-brick walls, is a supply line of its own inspiration – with celebrated work displayed across the entire site; from the workshop walls to the outdoor murals. The artists are given all the necessary means to source their own inspiration which is why the rich and diverse Marrakech landscape has become pivotal to the success of Jardin Rouge.

The history of Jardin Rouge is defined by a curated mix of international street artists, with the most successful events ranging from “Behind the Red Wall” – an event where the works of three generations of graffiti artists were showcased – alongside some of the world’s most exciting newcomers, including the next event which will be showcased by Benjamin Laading.

Take a look around the artistic residence in the image gallery below and for further information, be sure to check out the Montresso Art Foundation Website.