Taking full advantage of the ever-present Spanish sun, the Jellyfish House by Wiel Arets Architects is an innovative and luxurious expression of 21st century living.

Located in Marbella, the home is defined by the rooftop swimming pool that projects out across a semi-enclosed terrace beside the home’s main ground-floor entrance to project ripples of light across the home.

The three-storey concrete structure also features a range of large interior windows, allowing residents in the first-floor kitchen to look beyond the constraints of the four walls and above into the swimming pool. In doing so, the pool’s glass walls and floor create constant ripples and iridescent turquoise reflections to create a strong, unified bond with the Spanish sun and the heart of the home.

Elsewhere, the Jellyfish House is exposed to the weather even further through dividing the home into ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ routes. For instance, the ‘fast’ stair leads from the exterior directly to the roof; enclosed in glass to physically separate the home’s interior with the elements. Whereas, the ‘slow’ stair spans the entire length of the house, from the ground floor main entrance to the roof and it has been designed to amplify the capacity of the entire space.

Take a closer look at the property in the image gallery below and be sure to check out more of Wiel Arets projects on their website.

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Images courtesy of Jan Bitter.