Presenting a new idea of paradise.

The AMB House by Jacobsen Arquitetura integrates expertly with the forest-filled landscape to exist at one with nature.

The exquisite structure, situated on the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the heart of the Atlantic Forest, sits succinctly within the natural slope of the hillside to provide unparalleled views across the untouched landscape.

Jacobsen invert the traditions of conventional living spaces, through placing the social spaces below the bedrooms in order to provide inhabitants with maximum privacy.

Built on a steep jungle hillside, the entrance of the house begins on the top floor, before descending in to the primary living room. The third level entrance is equally dramatic as the surroundings in which the house sits, opening up to a mezzanine floor that overlooks the double-height living room. With the structure encased in full-length glass, and complimented with an infinity pool stretching across the slope, the house forms a strong bond with nature. Enhanced further with the inclusion of bamboo and palm trees planted on the second-floor deck to unify the living quarters and jungle landscape.

Expertly crafted from Cumaru wood, Brazilian teak, to frame the vast panoramas, the expansive hillside home entices you to explore how nature feels. Take a closer look at the entire project below.