Welcome to the jungle.

The old adage ‘heaven is a place on earth’ is a rather erroneous statement, but if it did exist, as we all somehow hope it does, we are pretty sure it would look a little something like this.

The latest project from pioneering Brazilian architectural firm Studio Arthur Casas is a simply idyllic, cosmopolitan creation immersed within the country’s iconic rainforest.

First and foremost, the location itself, in the heart of Brazil’s Serra do Mar is what makes the project so supremely special. It truly is a privileged location; positioned between the Atlantic Forest and a private beach, the retreat boasts an unbeatable backdrop.

Residing on the periphery of the sandy beach, the property is perhaps not blessed with space or functionality, but the astute architectural eye of Studio Arthur Casas reaps all the rewards of the jungle retreat.

Designed around a simplistic and minimalist open floor plan, to enhance the landscape, the house is built with narrow corridors which lead in to the large, open rooms. Delightfully framed with small windows to give greater attention to the patio doors and wood cladding which entwine the house with its picturesque surroundings.

Achieving the perfect balance of a naturist retreat with a contemporary holiday home, Studio Arthur Casas refine the build with touches of natural wood and polished exteriors. Every last detail of the house has been well-thought out and delivered to precise detail to protect natural resources, provide comfort and security and most importantly; act as the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the blissful surroundings.

Take a full visual tour of the Jungle retreat below.