The design world may be awash with new furniture collections professing to be the embodiment of modern minimalism or the perfect interior design solution. However, the latest to design studio to emerge; Klein Agency, is a different entity entirely.

Through combining precise technology with imperfect, natural materials, Klein’s debut furniture collection possesses more personality, functionality and spirit than a host of current contemporary furniture makers.

Simplicity as its best- the brand’s new selection features precise, laser-cut steel which is expertly paired with torched and natural wood. While, naturally-dyed leather adds warmth to the precise details and to contrast exquisitely against the powder coated steel.

Focussing on ‘the way which people dwell’, Klein focus on simple solutions to living well. Ensuring every last detail is adhered to, including ‘material, beauty and timelessness' across all aspects of design.’ In doing so, their first collection takes on a modern, versatile identity as it consists of a range of contemporary pieces for the home, including lounge chairs, bar stools and coffee tables.

We expect that their debut collection will be far from their last.

Check out picks from the collection below and visit the Klein Agency website for more.