“A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.”

For the ultimate, inimitable adventure cast your eyes on the latest project from esteemed designers Kokoro & Moi, the Geometric Abstraction.

Emerging in to the bright lights of the art world at the Helsinki Design Competition two months ago, Kokoro & Moi are sure to ride the wave of their success, with their latest geometric piece launched as part of the Poseidon Helsinki project.

Inspired by modernism, the graphic design pairing, experimented with colours, grids and shapes taking influence from architecture and art of the time to create a masterful geometric abstraction.

The identity of the structure takes inspiration from the map of downtown Helsinki, with its various blocks and buildings outlined with the intricate geometric shapes and later filed with sharp green, blue and yellow colour hues.

Highlighting the designers desire to plan and design, and not only to style, patterns based on millimetre graph paper were incorporated in to the identity of the piece.

Focusing on strategy, identity and design Kokoro & Moi are shaping the future of graphic design.

Check out their website to keep up to date with their latest pioneering projects.