Formed on the foundations of sustainability and style; the La Heronniere House by Alain Carle integrates innovative energy saving techniques within a modern and minimal design.

Nestled amongst the expansive forests of Quebec, Canada, the house is established on the foundations of sustainable development, with the client’s brief stating; no magnetic field in the  inhabited space, no wireless communication protocol, the implementation of self-sufficient energy and the use of materials free of volatile organic compounds.

Ordinarily, operating to such rigid parameters, especially energy-saving methods, restricts the aesthetic appeal of a property. Yet the La Heronniere House succeeds in achieving the illusive combination of ‘style and sensibility’, with the house integrated expertly in the wooded landscape. Based on a steep slope to exist harmoniously within the natural world, as Alain Carle explains: “In response to the spatial quality generated by this diagonal slope, we installed a horizontal plane in the landscape, generated from three mysteriously identical geodesic points, located at the top of three boulders present on the site.”

The spectacular, stealth-inspired, exterior is formed from black wooden cladding with touches of concrete adding a rigid and rugged edge to the property. While the interior is defined by an intuitive hierarchical principle of occupation being above or below the horizon line. Which ensures the living spaces are forged from mineral and raw materials, while more private rooms, take on a lighter colour palette for a minimalist, tranquil feel.

In regards to sustainability, the concrete used for the load bearing walls is joined to the neighbouring rocks to allow for the mineral quality on the lower level to be retained. While the walls have been strategically placed in relation to the sun’s path- capturing energy during certain hours of sunlight. In terms of energy efficiency, the home is fuelled through a combination of biomass and photo-voltaic panels, ensuring that the house can be maintained throughout all seasons.

Take a closer look at the entire property below.