The legend returns.

As part of the brand’s foray into reviving heritage design, Land Rover has launched the ‘Reborn’ initiative. Aired at the vintage car roadshow Techno Classica, the project involves Land Rover selecting 25 original Series 1 models to restore and sell.

The exclusive 25 models will be returned to full former glory – painstakingly repaired to original 1948 factory specification with the use of original parts. Land Rover will call upon the expertise of a global network to select the Series 1 chassis before tuning them in-house at their new workshop located within the old Defender production centre.

Once the lucky new owner has been assigned they will be able to select their preferred base vehicle and its chosen colour across five dedicated finishes – Light Green, Bronze Green, RAF Blue, Dove Grey and Poppy Red.

The ‘Reborn’ programme represents an invaluable opportunity for collectors and devotees worldwide to own an original automotive icon. While the entire framework of the programme allows Land Rover to extend the project into other heritage vehicles in the future if they see fit – yet as of yet, nothing is confirmed.

The Reborn Series 1 will cost between £60,000 - £80,000 – depending on the individual specification of each chosen vehicle.

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