The shadow cast from the death of the Land Rover Defender shows no sign of clearing as the appreciation for utility vehicles has grown ever since. This Sand Series 3 is a perfect reason for why that is, as the model exists as one of the most iconic and photogenic 4x4s of all-time.

It is said that three out of four Land Rover’s ever built are still on the road, somewhere in the world. Which is perhaps the greatest testament you can pay to the hardiness of these machines. Yet, despite the wealth in number we've not seen many that can match the style and power of this Series 3 served up by CoolnVintage.

Finished in a rich sand paint job with full limestone wheels, sand canvas hood and black vinyl deluxe seats, this Series 3 was conceived as a pure utility vehicle yet its power and poise has made it the original lifestyle vehicle at the same time. And it is that versatility that makes this Series 3 so special. For instance, the strong industrial design ensures it is always ready for an adventure while the clean and seemingly ‘on-trend’ utilitarian colour scheme makes the machine a more than adequate match to any modern model.

Take a closer look at the Series 3 in the image gallery below and for full auction information, head to the CoolnVintage website.

Coolvintage Land Rover 109 1

Coolnvintage Land Rover 109 SIII 3

Coolnvintage Land Rover 109 SIII 1

Coolvintage Land Rover 109 3