The expansive, diverse and enviable backdrop of the Los Angeles hillside has been replicated a countless number of times; yet artist Laurence Jones manages to capture the architectural landscape like we have never seen before.

By merging the lines between fiction and reality, Laurence’ paintings create a hyperrealistic aesthetic that is heightened by the screen-like, cinematic-finish to his work. He draws from a pool of collected images that are digitally edited and enhanced to adopt an alternative take on the iconic hillside.

Laurence also playfully experiments with perspectives – shifting, moving, evolving, extending and warping the scene within the image to create a multi-layered approach. The paintings are also digitally mediated to replicate the raw, imitable experience of the urban environment before being distorted once more through the use of colour and and subtle shadowing.

Take a closer look at the artwork in the gallery below and be sure to check out more of Laurence Jones’ work on his website.