“You design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”

Tel Aviv-based designer Naama Hofman is determined to change the way we see light. Through continuous questioning, experiments and explorations into what the words ‘lamp’ and ‘light’ actually mean, she has created a range of ambient objects that radiate a smooth, soft and even light across the spaces they occupy.

Her most recent exploration, simply titled ‘The Pendant Collection’, is a modular lighting system designed with maximum flexibility to adapt to any setting. In fact, her extensive catalogue of work all derives from the need for versatility, and more specifically, a belief in the importance of quality design that straddles between art and modular design.

Hofman’s studio create an array of light object collections alongside a selection of special edition, avant-garde art installations that can be seen in the image gallery below. For further information, head to the Studio Naama Hofman website.

Images courtesy of Uri Grun.