Holiday resorts don’t often conceive architectural elegance, yet the Lima Duva Resort by IDIN Architects surpasses stereotype to create the ideal holiday retreat.

Based in the popular honeymoon island of Koh Samed in Thailand, IDIN architects have designed a romantic getaway that lends itself to be the ultimate escapade.

The whole construction takes on a modernist, minimal appeal with the implementation of different shapes and structures making up the facilities and private quarters, which although they are all joined in one formation, each has their own identity.

Situated adjacent to the swimming pool, the building takes shape as cubical units, entwining and protruding at different distances and angles from one another- creating the perfect private dwelling.  Each room boasts a semi-outdoor balcony acting as a partition to the neighbouring room and a secluded platform to view the surrounding scenery.

From the outside the resort is hidden from view and takes on the appearance of a simplistic, floating geometric form. The large floating wall acts as an enchanting entryway in to the retreat, with the balance of rubble walls adding a rustic feel that allows passers-by to catch a small glimpse inside the structure.

Elsewhere the lobby features the recurring cubed-theme, as the façade wall has been constructed from brick blocks that bring air flow in to the building- producing an intricate shadow effect on the interior in sunlight.

Defining the resort is a sweeping tropical garden and pool. The pool not only serves as an entrance to the outside world but the colour of the pool tiles gradually become darker at the Jacuzzi area to the create visual privacy for guests.

With iconic innovation thread throughout Lima Duva, the resort serves to be the ultimate escape. Stress-free guaranteed.