An archaic, empty church in the heart of Chicago is an unlikely setting for a modernist panache. However, design aficionados Linc Thelen and Scrafano Architects have transformed the previous walls of worship in to a beautiful, majestic family home. The result is a 21st century residence where ease of living meets historic design.    

Converting an existing Church in to any habitual abode requires undivided attention to create an architecturally astute structure with the practical elements of a liveable family home for three young children.

Undertaking an extensive secular conversion as a result, intended to completely reshape how the space is used, the inside was completely gutted with just the symbolic shell of the structure remaining intact.

Combining eloquent contemporary living with subtle touches of the structure’s previous guise, the new residents kept the imposing stained-glass window and bell tower; creating a eloquent juxtaposition with the clean contemporary interior furnishings.

In every room, history and modernity continue to collide, contributing to an eclectic feel across the overall space. The bold lines, neutral colours, and diverse decor are appeased by a rustic charm, as the stained-glass window is visible from almost anywhere in the house. They now serve as a souvenir from the building's former life and an ever-present reminder of the spiritual ties that the house possesses.

Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects have produced one of the most intricate collaborations to make this project not just a reality, but a superior example of how conceptual living can be accomplished.

The finished result, however did not come without extensive restoration. The imposing ‘great’ room had its 25-foot ceiling exposed in order to enchant the timber beams in to becoming the vocal point of the room, while a floating steel staircase was installed alongside the rustic interior to contribute to the innovative nature of the internal space.

Past meets present; as profound history is met with a modern attitude. The Linc Thelen and Scrafano Architects Church is one of the most iconic restorations of today.