If you think of the electric bicycle - or "pedelec" if you really must - as a clumsy, style free piece of kit, think again. Four Californian tech geeks have taken the electric bike and booted it clean into the future. Meet the Lithium Cycles Super 73, a machine so radical in its design concept that you'd happily have one in your sitting room as a piece of sculpture.

As it turns out, the Super 73 is conceived to be at its best on the move - and that's pretty fast. A 1,000W electric motor mounted alongside the pedals propels the Super 73's bespoke frame to a heady 30mph. The latest lithium-ion technology gives the Super 73 a range of 20 miles before the detachable battery needs a recharge.

Lithium Cycles, the Californian start-up behind the Super 73, began with a clean design sheet. Out goes any idea of a bulky machine uncomfortable with its electric motor. In comes minimal post Mad Max design with pared back, go anywhere looks - and capabilities.

With super-sized tyres on 20 inch wheels, the Super 73 is conceived to take you to places more run of the mill pedelecs wouldn't dream of. That's the beach and the great outdoors, in case you're wondering.

Fully functional prototypes have already been developed inLithium's Orange County workshops. Fund-raising on Kickstarter has smashed all expectations.

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