“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”

On a mountain edge in the rugged, rather still, north face of Ibiza, lies a 200-year-old Finca which has been developed into a contemporary 21st century home.

An array of the home's original features remain in place in order to keep the character of the building breathing. In fact, the entire property has been decorated on the notion of ‘imperfection is beauty’, which can be seen through the authentic ‘sabina beams’ and ancient stone walls that define the kitchen and bathrooms. Throughout the redevelopment, Standard Studio Architects only used materials available on the island – which is why the Iroko windows, stone and concrete form the warm, rugged aesthetic of the holiday home.

To appease the hardened shell, Ibiza Interiors decorated the home with minimal, modern furnishings sourced from around the globe. The juxtaposition between the old and new is the orchestrated throughout; with the clean lines clashed against the natural finishes, the sleek metal hardware contrasted with the light, high ceilings and the dramatic inclusion of black furnishings and stairwells.

Take a closer look at the property in the image gallery below and be sue to check out more of Ibiza Interior’s work on their website.

Images courtesy of Ibiza Interiors.