Loft conversions, although relatively popular, remain one of the most enchanting and luxurious aspects of modern design. With the latest project to catch the OPUMO eye, The London Loft Apartment by Cloud Studios, a renovation quite like no other.

After reinvigorating the Hampstead  House and the Notting Hill Reception Room with unprecedented levels of attitude and aptitude last year, the Oxfordshire based team have returned with their latest project that adds an artistic twist to their signature methods of design.

Completely transforming an old industrial unit in the heart of London, the renovation has taken on an entirely new façade. Removing the derelict, cold aura of an industrial shell and updating it to incorporate two bedrooms and a large open plan living space.

“The brief was to create an individual look which was achieved with an eclectic mix of lighting and furnishings including eighteenth century mirrors, a 1920’s dressing table, faded Persian rugs, strong artwork and statement lighting,” Cloud Studio explain.

The intricate mix of showcasing the best of past and present are symbolised by the rustic, warm interior furnishings; none more so special than the full length bookshelves that exude a lived-in, contemporary feel.

The architectural details still remain loyal to its industrial conception, with concrete ceilings, Critall windows and exposed pipes exuding the industrial elegance of the London Loft. While the clean white walls complimented with simplistic lines and high ceilings are enhanced with a pale Douglas fir wide-planked floor and a modern kitchen.

More than just creating interiors, Cloud Studios are representative of the modernist way of life; ensuring great care is taken to create the most liveable, stylish world for everyone. What you see is what you get.