Getting the balance right in the art of car photography is a tricky task. Too slick and you risk the result looking like something out of an advertising campaign, too raw and there's the danger you disrespect the car you're showcasing.

Photographer Luke Gilbertson photographs supercars on the streets of London in, you might say, their natural habitat. That's because London, with its preponderance of the seriously wealthy, has become a playground for those keen on spotting some of the world's finest vehicles.

Some of Gilbertson's photographs on Instagram are obviously snapped on the run on the streets, with no prior preparation. A red Lamborghini is very much at home outside a Gucci store - we'd guess it's the Sloane Street branch - with two occupants engaged in conversation.

The image is made by the inclusion of a passer-by walking past, glancing at the car, and the blank stare of a mannequin in the Gucci window. Here is London's current obsession with wealth, in one image.

Another of our favourites - a set-up shot, or a happy coincidence? - is of a canary yellow Lamborghini Miura SV partly obscured by a sliding garage door. It's a peek into the private life of one of the finest pieces of sports car design.

There's more: a Ferrari Enzo negotiates its way into a multi-storey car park, a Countach preens in rain on The Mall. Gilbertson has a great eye - and a great future.