“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better.”

'Gardening under glass in the urban environment'; that’s the mantra of London Terrariumswho break down the uniformity of cityscapes to present the delicacies of nature.

Born out of the desire to engage with nature in the concrete jungle, London Terrariums began with sourcing from their immediate surroundings. Stones from driveways, moss from the roof and cuttings from house-plants formed the very first blooms of the brand. Now having grown to offer a range of bespoke terrariums, workshop tutorials and interior designs for a variety of retail spaces, including YMC, the London-based brand maintain that air of originality to exist as one of the most exciting companies in the capital.

The perfect way to engage with horticulture, London Terrariums offer a range of different sized vessels that bring the serendipity of an outdoor garden into the heart of the home. Our favourite is the Carboy, which can be ordered online today, as the delicate spherical shape and cork top forms an enchanting, vintage-inspired, design.

Check it out for yourself alongside the full collection online at the London Terrariums website.