Luceplan - the protagonist to the most outstanding inventions in contemporary design – are set to unveil a new range of elegant lighting to the American market as part of ICFF 2016 which runs from 14th to 17th in New York.

In typical avant-garde style, Luceplan are championing the work of two inspiring modern designers in the form of Norwegian Daniel Rybakken and Argentinian Francisco Gomez Paz.

‘Stochastic’, created by Rybakken, represents a spectacular suspension lamp that breaks down barriers when it comes to theatrics and stature of contemporary lighting. Crafted from a range of glass spheres of different shapes and sizes, the lamp has no specific form as it allows for a multiple number of styles permitting on the creativity of the user. The beauty of the lamp resides in the fact that the glass spheres contrast against the centre source of the bulb to create a warm, indirect and soft luminous effect that will enrich any room.

The second lighting fixture lamp on display by Paz takes on a far more imposing façade. The result of endless experimentation with LED’s, the ‘Mesh’ lamp is a dramatic centre piece that blends luminance with highly innovative design. The design provides a range of different lighting scenarios and moods as the intensity and focus of each light can be controlled separately. The complexity of the design offers a strong, refined and even evocative lighting atmosphere, which goes someway in explaining why ‘Mesh’ was the recent recipient of the prestigious Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award for 2016.

Take a closer look at both of the lights in the image gallery below and be sure to check out the Luceplan website for further information.

Images courtesy of Luceplan & EVDS PR.