Vinyl will always have a previous hold on the people who long for a sense of nostalgia and a raw, uncompressed audio quality. But despite the resurgence in popularity of vinyl, there are plenty of sceptics who still believe the turntable to be out-dated.

While that may be the case for some music systems, it certainly cannot be said from the new Mag-Lev Audio ‘levitating turntable’; a gravity-defying record player that is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter.

By updating the turntable with a touch of pastures new, Mag-Lev are visually enhancing the experience of listening in order to create a turntable of the future for the medium of the past. The world’s first levitating turntable is said to be designed for people ‘who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design’ and it includes built-in feet that the platter rests on when not in use, but these retract while the turntable is on for a truly futuristic feel.

Elsewhere, subtle orange lighting gives the turntable a sleek finish, while also enhancing the visual effects of the levitation. But beyond the aesthetics, the turntable’s drive system is unlike anything else on the market. By using patented technology, the Slovenian design team have been able to maintain the precise turning of the platter with special sensor regulating software. Which equates to the smoothest touch, the least amount of friction and a truly unique listening experience.

Whether the ‘levitating turntable’ forms an emerging a trend waits to be seen, but the gravity-defying design certainly adds an innovative edge to one of the world’s most cherished vintage designs.

For further details and for all crown-funding information, head to the Mag-Lev Audio Kickstarter page.