We all remember our favourite childhood toys, that one stuffed toy, and that miniature sports car that we drove for hours on end. Or, the myriad of toys that we used to leave randomly around the house, much to our parents annoyance. Now, fast-forward to the present day. Perceptions have changed. Your thoughts on fun and organisation have changed and now your focus is on finding a home for those toys. Not only home for the toys but also a place for your children to play safely. Well, one of the latest arrivals to OPUMO, Maison Deux, not only understand the importance of playing, but also the importance of how you perceive your home. For years, children's toys have littered the floors of beautiful homes, but no more.

Maison Deux

The Maison Deux Story

Maison Deux was founded back in 2016 when founders Pia and Woe Weinberg wanted to redesign their home for their newborn twins. Unable to find tasteful children’s furniture, the deco set about to create designs that work for parents and children alike.

Maison Deux

The design studio is based in Amsterdam, and aims to craft playful products that cater to a demographic who still care about how their home looks. Maison Deux have found that the aesthetic of a minimalist home does not have to be sacrificed when children come along - everyone can have fun.

With twins of their own, Pia and Woe understand young children and new parents. Children have to enjoy their play time, it’s a key factor in their growth as people, but new parents often aren’t yet used to their new life. Maison Deux presents the opportunity to find a mid-ground.

Maison Deux

The Maison Deux Designs Your Home Needs 

Maison Deux has created a series of soft furnishings and multi-functional pieces of homeware that offer a new take on the toy. With shapes including a bowler hat, watermelon slice and a cloud, your child’s imagination can run even further wild with a few of our favourite Maison Deux pieces.

Maison Deux

Maison Deux

Maison Deux Cloud Rocking Horse

Made of solid French oak and 100% wool, this Maison Deux rocking cloud will last a lifetime. The use of Kvadrat wool also means that the product is easy to clean. Playful and stylish, you won’t have to tidy this toy away because it looks so good.

Maison Deux Eyes Rug

Keep an eye on your kids with these 100% pure new wool, hand-tufted rugs. The pair of extremely high-quality rugs are not only decorative, but encourage children to engage with them. By turning the rugs, different expressions can be created.

Maison Deux Solid Cars Mini 3 Pack

The three toy cars are formed out of one piece of solid FSC-certified ash, and come in three different colour combinations. The playful Maison toy is made of sustainable, natural materials. Minimalist design principles meet colour in what we think might be the most stylish vehicle of 2019 so far. 

Maison Deux

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