Dieter Rams famously said that “good design is making something intelligible and memorable; great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” Those infinite words of wisdom immediately came to mind when we saw the latest project from Japanese designers, Nendo.

Designed for Italian marble furniture brand Marsotto Edizioni for this year’s Milan design week, which takes place between April 12th to 17th 2016, the ‘Sway’ tables present an entirely new concept for work with the raw form of marble.

Available in a monochrome colour palette, one black and one white, the table has been uniquely crafted to ‘exploit’ the weight of marble, and in doing so create a piece of furniture that appears to be tilting.

“The table is perfectly stable due to the weight of the leg section and its appearance of instability in turn provides a new expression of agility to the marble,” Nendo explained.

Seldom does a single piece of modern design operate in the realms of both minimalism and innovation – yet the Marble Table from Nendo succeeds in doing so. As it elegantly combines the raw, luxurious appeal of marble with an indifferent, elegant shape.

The Marble Tables will be shown at Marsotto Edizioni’s exhibition space at the Spazio Bigli during this year’s Milan Design Week.