John Green is a strong name. A strong name in the same way James Bond is. Simple and no real thrills but strong, intriguing and dependable nevertheless. We could go on to discuss what makes such a strong name but that would be labouring the point. As the real point is that John Green – the man behind the eponymously-named design studio based in Yorkshire –  creates some of the finest contemporary furniture around.

John Green is an award-winning designer whose approach to design is a relatively simple one – to create innovative and functional designs that people can’t resist. It’s safe to say he’s pretty good at fulfilling that brief as produces those special types of furniture – chairs, tables and sideboards, in particular – that you can build an entire interior round. It kind of comes with the territory; strong, dependable name, even stronger, dependable furniture that you’ll be hard pushed to find elsewhere. Makes sense, really.

So, scroll down to discover the new John Green arrivals that we’re most looking forward to adding to our home this season.

John Green - 2

John Green Oak / Grey Wool Upholstered Otis Dining Chair

The Otis Chair is pretty much the epitome of how John Green manages to take relatively simple components and make something that is far greater than its parts. Conceived by shaping plywood components in a smooth sculpture, the Otis is a comfortable, understated seat that can sit anywhere in the home. Equally at ease under a desk, around a dining table or as a single chair in a living room, the Otis is a robust and practical seating option for family life or commercial use. Plus, it's fully stackable and available in a variety of upholstery options, so you can use it and enjoy it anyway you like.

John Green Linoleum Otis Dining Table

As the name suggests, the Otis Dining Table has been designed to complement the Otis Chair so it follows the same considered details, beautifully sculpted shape and solid construction to mirror that of the chair. The contemporary frame is crafted from solid oak to support a variety of table top options which are durable and versatile enough to be used for a range of functions. Very rarely does a single piece of furniture operate in the realms of both minimalism and innovative functionality– yet the Otis Table succeeds in doing so. As it elegantly combines the raw, luxurious appeal of solid oak with an indifferent, elegant shape.

John Green - 3

John Green - 4

John Green 950 Oak Sideboard

Exclusively made in Yorkshire, the John Green 950 Sideboard is fully customisable with three standard sizes and various colour combinations to give you the opportunity to create a fully bespoke piece. Each sideboard is also made to order, delivered assembled, which is always a plus, with solid oak feet, two adjustable shelves and an optional cable management hole. Plus, it’s simply sculpted shape and neutral colour hue ensures it will look the part in pretty much any living space.

John Oak Embrace Unit

The Embrace Unit was originally designed when John Green was a student. The original brief was set to design a modern take on the Isokon Pengiun Donkey, that was within 10% of the original dimensions. The outcome was the Embrace – an award-winning piece of furniture –that has come to define John’s design ethos; the perfect balance between aesthetic and function. Essentially, Embrace is a smart piece of furniture made of two low modern tables that are then ‘embraced’ together in order to form a multi-functional storage unit-magazine-rack-occasional-table piece. Just to make it that bit more special, each Embrace unit is signed, numbered and stamped upon completion.

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