The story of Miansai begins in Miami with just one men's bracelet, a design that's still the cornerstone of this Made-in-America craft-centred brand today.

Beautifully made, it spoke of the travels and experience of the brand's founder, former model Michael Saiger, who wanted to produce high quality pieces that he would wear himself.

That was in 2008, and since then Saiger has found that his vision is shared by many others seeking something unique, yet discreet.

Each Miansai bracelet weaves together contemporary and vintage influences to delight the wearer every time that it's worn. These bracelets aren't about gaudiness, they're not designed to show off wealth or status, but rather they are about real craftsmanship and timeless style.

The process begins in the Miami design offices, with Michael Saiger overseeing each item his company is considering. He might suggest an idea from the New England beaches of his childhood, from one of the many countries he's visited - or even from his mother's antiques shop.

When it comes to materials, only the very best make the grade.

French calf and Italian leather are standard, with high-quality silver or gold fastenings. Custom-made US military-grade rope and ribbons are commissioned for more unusual pieces. Among the precious metals used are rose gold, .925 sterling silver, 14 karat gold, and on specialist items, 18 karat gold.

It would be all to easy, even using these high quality materials and the high quality concept, to out-source manufacture to a jewellery mass production line anywhere in the world.

Instead, each Miansai piece is painstakingly made in-house. From first concept, through the process of making individual molds and melting the precious metals, to the final assembly, there's personal oversight of every piece at the company's own workshops. Miansai today employs some 30 highly skilled craftsmen and each hand-made bracelet proudly confirms that it is "Made in America".

Worn casually with jeans and a t-shirt, or to add a kick to a business suit, these bracelets speak of the commitment of the founder of this unusual brand to a quiet but distinct individuality. Miansai might have expanded since those small beginnings in 2008, but the company has never lost founder Michael Saiger's highly personal vision.

Now the brand has incorporated watches and leather goods to accompany the bracelets, and each one speaks of Miansai's philosophy of simplicity, craftsmanship and a tangible heritage.

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