When it comes to interior design it pays to notice the small things as the rewards are inversely proportional. Which goes someway to explain the recent surge in popularity of botanicals - check out London Terrariums for more – but also the rise in appreciation for small, considered design. And things don’t get any smaller than ‘Micro Matter’, the latest project from Amsterdam-based designer and artist, Rosa de Jong.

Throughout ‘Micro Matter’, Rosa uses traditional model-making materials and her own handcrafted structures to create an array of small scenes within the confines of a glass test tube. She combines her skill set as a designer, animator and art director to such incredible detail that the individual settings appear as if they have landed from another realm, or more closely from an enchanting children’s novel. And that is a credit to Rosa’s craft – the fact that she can erect impossibly small buildings, trees and structures into a small space and make them feel precious and extraordinarily real.

Take a closer look at our favourites in the series below and see more of Rosa’s latest sculptures on Behance – where she may eventually start selling some of her prized pieces online.