Misplaced – defined by ‘incorrectly positioned’ and ‘temporarily lost’ – is the title of the latest project from New York-based interactive designer, Anton Repponen.

The unique and abstract photographic series pays tribute to the understated values of everyday life – values that we all experience and take in everyday, yet fail to appreciate. The compilation of images aims to pay homage to New York’s forgotten architecture. Those buildings that you walk past everyday, have seen so many times before but fail to appreciate. The very buildings that get lost in the uniformity of everyday life, lost in the sights, sounds and gradual decomposition of cityscapes.

Courtesy of Anton Repponnen, those forgotten buildings have been fully restored and refreshed. Devoid of blemishes, markings and graffiti, the buildings have been reimagined in order to be appreciated and easily understood.

The ‘Misplaced’ series takes 11 iconic New York buildings and removes them from the usual surroundings to a range of forlorn places. The architectural shapes and intricate details of each structure become more defined and thus more striking. Out of context, the buildings appear entirely new and invite viewers to gaze at them as if it was for the very first time.

Each image is accompanied by a short description that enhances the overall sense of mystery, enchantment and humour. In doing so, the scenes appear so abstract yet scarily familiar; like a sense of de ja vu that you can’t quite explain but rather enjoy the fact that it leaves you bereft of an explanation.

Explore our favourites in the image gallery below and be sure to check out Anton Repponen’s website for the full series and the full synopsis.

Images courtesy of Anton Repponen.