Yorkshire label MKI Miyuki Zoku have carved out a quietly distinctive niche for their high quality perfectly designed menswear, recalling a Japanese street take on Ivy League style. Equally subtle, yet somehow mesmerising in its obsessive detailing, is this unique MKI Miyuki Zoku Porsche 911 Turbo. The car is the highly desirable 964 model era 911, a perfect match for a MKI Miyuki Zoku Shetland wool sweater, a quality basic that quickly becomes an essential in your life. And what an essential this 911 Turbo is.

The suggestion is that the 964 is the sports car equivalent of the high-end classic wardrobe staple. MKI Miyuki Zoku say the meticulous restoration that it commissioned is a "homage" to the 911 and it's not hard to see why. There's nothing here that's extraneous to the business of travelling every half-mile in high quality comfort with maximum enjoyment. Also: just look at it. Not for nothing is the 911 regarded as a sculpture on wheels.

The Turbo's black paintwork now gleams with a lustre that the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen would admire. At the rear the renowned "tea tray" spoiler is more than an affectation. Not only does it make the car's heavily laden rear a little less likely to step out and inhabit a hedge in a sharp corner, but it also increases air cooling to the hard-working flat six beneath when you're on an autobahn. Not that this concours condition 911 is likely to be driven in too much in the way of anger, but it's reassuring nonetheless.

Open a perfectly weighted door to discover the interior's black-piped white leather, totally refurbished, with the addition – as in etchings on the windows – of discreet MKI Miyuki Zoku logos to the headrests of the front chairs. In front of you, the classic 911 five-dial dash, with the rev counter front and centre, is present, restored and correct. 

MKI Miyuki Zoku say they've worked with Porsche on this project and it shows in the respect that's been shown for this highly desirable classic. No price is listed on the car – if indeed it's for sale. The best 911 Turbos easily reach the high six figures – and sometimes much more. Thankfully there’s a selection of limited edition art prints available for those of us who would like at least a daily reminder of what auto-perfection looks like. After all, truly great design only gets better with age.

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