It happens to us all; the times that you are incessant of heading to an exhibition but for whatever reason you just seem to miss it and as a result, a particular exhibit rests solely in our minds.

But now, the unmissable exhibitions are quite simply unmissable as earlier this month MoMA launched a comprehensive online exhibition archive. A rich and diverse database that catalogues exhibitions from the year it was founded, in 1929, to the present day. So that means some of the greatest artistic highlights – from Warhol’s Screen Tests in 2003 to Henri Matisse’s 1931 show and most recently, Bjork’s retrospective showcase, can be enjoyed once again.

In total, MoMA lists over 3,500 exhibitions that are now available online, including gallery installation views, press releases, checklists and catalogues, as the gallery explains, “By making these unique resources available at no charge, the exhibition history digital archive directly aligns with the Museum’s mission of encouraging an ever-deeper understanding of modern and contemporary art and fostering scholarship.”

Head to the MoMA archives now to start your exploration into the history of art.