Reinventing the comfort and ride of the traditional bicycle, Paolo de Giusti presents his prototype of the ultimate inner-city run-around.

The monochrome-coloured design is formed on the traditions of Velodrome bikes, with a larger rear wheel complemented by a smaller front wheel. The ‘36/28 postale’ bike by designer Paolo de Giusti takes on a similar set-up to the race-speed bicycles to introduce a new model with an increased riding experience.

The focus is of course the 36-inch rim which is the largest size on the market today, accompanied by the front 28-inch wheel. Despite the change in diameter and shape, the disposition between the two wheels does not radically change the position of the rider in the saddle. In fact, the purpose of the unique design was to present an aggressive riding placement, typically found in racing bikes, whilst also maintaining regular ergonomic measurements for comfort, style and enhanced drivability.

Renowned for ‘finding solutions to design problems’, Paolo de Giusti completes the prototype bike with a sturdy frame, thick tires and an eight-gear internal rear hub.

Take a closer look at the design features of the bike below and visit the Paolo de Giusti website for more information.