Price: £43,165 | Year: 2022 | Engine: 1.5 litre inline three cylinder  | 118 bhp

Forget all you think you know about three wheelers. This little Morgan is designed for one thing and one thing only: to put a huge smile on your face. The Super 3 has echoes of the past: the first ever Morgan, in 1909, was a three wheeler. The Morgan Super 3, though, could not be more of the present: with a bespoke monocoque chassis, lightweight aluminium panels and a form-follows-function design that does away with such frivolities as doors and weather protection, it may well provide the ride of your life.

Morgan three-wheelers have always had two wheels up front and one at the back. Even the most recent - revived in 2012 - had a motorcycle-style V-twin engine and a distinctly rudimentary approach to engineering. The Morgan way, after all, was to draw on the past rather than anticipate the future. No longer. Morgan used the latest computer-aided design to create the Super 3 and chose the engine out of a Ford Fiesta ST to power the rear wheel. Top speed is a faintly terrifying 130 mph.

The idea, say Morgan, is that the Super 3 will be "a motorcycle for car people". From that perspective, you might say it has one extra wheel rather than one too few. You can carry a passenger to share the experience, but you might want to warn them that they can't adjust their seat - Morgan want the weight distribution to be just so - and that things might get a little breezy and possibly damp. The driver can adjust both steering wheel - a variety of tasty Moto-Lita options are available - and pedal box.

Innovations abound. Rectangular side panels help with both aerodynamics and cooling, while providing handy mounting points for Morgan's newly patented clip system. Actual luggage - soft and hard cases are already available, rather like panniers on a motorcycle - can be attached for longer journeys, or even supermarket runs, while the more mechanically minded might prefer a tool box. The interior is thankfully waterproof, including the dials in the centrally-mounted custom aluminium dash, and owners can specify water resistant leather or even a new vegan technical fabric for the seats.

Morgan believe that no two Super 3s will be identical. Will you choose a polished steel or ceramic-coated rear tailpipe? Perhaps it might be a good thing to go for the extra LED driving lights, just to let people know that something extraordinary is on the way? And will that be plain, vertical, box-stitched or quilted stitch patterns on the seats, once you've settled on fabric and grain? Oh, and which factory-applied decals would you like on your Super 3?

There is no mass production here. What buyers of the Super 3 will get is effectively a bespoke car, one that will make Sunday mornings the best time of the week. Of course, this little Morgan makes no practical sense whatsoever. And that is the whole point. 

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