Innovative art studio BORGMAN | LENK has recently completed the first in a series of permanent installations at Lillebælt Academy in Odense, Denmark, featuring an array of tiled blocks. The six interventions that make up ‘Mos’ are assembled from an amalgamation of square tiles and can be found across different locations throughout the building.

Situated on architectural beams, staircases and window frames, the stacked sequences of white cubes grow, stretch and engage with the various forms of the Lillebælt Academy building. The abstract motifs take on a similar appearance to ever-expanding and morphing pixels that have been placed to appear as if they are an extension of the interior itself. As a result, individual and unexpected shapes emerge from how these ‘pixels’ meet the border of the architectural spaces, forming blurred interpretations of the building, its function and its form.

Take a closer look at the project in the image gallery below and be sure to check out more work from the collaborative artist studio at the BORGMAN | LENK website.