The MÜHLE story began in 1945, when a man by the name of Otto Johannes Müller first started making shaving brushes in the town of Stützengrün in the German Ore Mountains. The war had just ended and he had survived capture. With barely any money or resources to his name, Otto began his humble business in a wash kitchen, meticulously crafting each brush by hand until his business had built up enough of a following for him to be able to hire more craftsmen.

Fast forward 75 years and the brand continues to endure as one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving. Still based in the Ore Mountains and now headed up by Otto's grandsons Christian and Andreas Müller, MÜHLE's legacy is defined by its tradition of brush-making craftsmanship. The expert know-how and pioneering spirit of MÜHLE's specialists flow into every product, from its renowned handcrafted Silvertip Fibre shaving brushes to its classic safety razors. The traditional manufacturing methods originally used by Otto are combined with modern machinery and cutting edge innovation to produce shaving brushes, razors and accessories that stand the test of time. Only the finest materials are used – think corrosion-resistant chrome, ultra soft yet durable synthetic and badger hairs and anodised aluminium. These are products that have been made to last, and are guaranteed to play an integral role in your grooming regime.

Not only do MÜHLE's razor products excel at fulfilling their function and make shaving that much less of a chore, they just so happen to look good too. The designs are sleek and simple, with an underlying elegance driven by a sense of nostalgia for the early days of MÜHLE. Of particular note when it comes to aesthetics is the Hexagon range, designed by renowned German designer Mark Braun. The range, which was awarded the German Design Award and Red Dot Award in 2017, showcases the best combination of contemporary design and reliable function, grip and ergonomics. Its razors and brushes boast a clean, geometric silhouette and are bound to elevate any bathroom cabinet.

One thing is for certain: No matter which MÜHLE products you decide to invest in, you will be buying into a storied heritage and rich craftsmanship tradition that is only going to continue to flourish.

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