Antony Gormley – the man best known for his iconic outdoor sculptures including ‘The Angel of The North’ – returns with his latest exhibition ‘Fit’, transforming the White Cube, Bermondsey into 15 individual labyrinths of space, sound and architecture.

Instantly, visitors are faced with a choice of passage through differently sized, uniquely-lit spaces where each room channels a different experience to the last. In doing so, the entire exhibition opens up an array of different physiological encounters that considers the individual in relation to the fabricated environment. The exhibition also makes reference to both the citizens of a city like London and the migrant seeking refuge, as ‘Fit’ asks whether we as citizen identify with the forces that determine inclusion or exclusion from city or country.

The exploration of scale in relation to the human body and surrounding architecture is displayed in stand-out installations such as ‘Run’ – where a singular, continuous cast iron line indicates the space of one room before evolving in 90-degree turns. With Gormley describing the piece as ‘inviting one to pause and consider our dependency on the ‘second’ body, the body of architecture’.

Make sure you pay a visit to White Cube, Bermondsey, before the 6th November 2016.