If by this time you’re still managing to get out of the house in the cold to go for a run, abiding by your New Year’s resolution, then congratulations. That is an achievement in itself. While most New Year’s resolutions come to a premature and highly disappointing end during the first few weeks, the ones that have made it this far are much more likely to become habits. It won’t be plain sailing from here, though. You’ve made it through January, but the real test comes during February as your will power begins to fade. You’ve overcome the original challenges and the changes in fitness become less apparent. You need something to keep you going: how about a new pair of Nike Zoom Fly 3?

We’ve tested a whole host of men’s running trainers over the years and, as can be expected, they generally get better every year. That said, there was a distinctive turning point in the world of lightweight running shoes when Nike released the first iteration of the Zoom Fly Running Shoe. This design ushered in a new era for running shoes with its technical uppers and engineered sole. But you didn’t have to take Nike’s word for proof, you could simply have a read of the multiple marathon records set by runners wearing the Nike Zoom Fly Trainer.

What makes the Nike Zoom Fly 3 Trainer so effective?

This lightweight racing shoe takes inspiration from the Nike Vaporfly, a high-tech running trainer that does its job so well that the World Athletics body is set to rule whether it should be banned from professional competitions. Current rules state that “shoes must not be constructed so as to give athletes any unfair assistance or advantage.” 

Both the Nike Vaporfly and the Nike Zoom Fly 3 make use of a carbon-fibre plate inside the midsole that can shrink or expand the amount of fibre layers for maximal flexibility in your stride. Whether this should be legal in professional competitions is up for debate, whether it keeps you running faster for longer is not. Combine the carbon-fibre plate with a full-length Nike React midsole made from durable foam and you’ve got a mighty smooth ride. 

The Nike Zoom Fly 3 acts as an example of Nike’s commitment to advancing technology within sport. The design is packed full of subtle adjustments that make your run smoother and more enjoyable than ever. Take the tapered heel for example: this small adjustment to the shape of the lightweight running shoe relieves pressure from the Achilles tendon which is a common injury for runners. 

Nike Zoom Fly 3 Trainer design

While the Nike Zoom Fly 3 is designed as a specialist running shoe, the sleek, durable design means that it’s easily incorporated into everyday looks too. The lightweight men’s running shoe makes the perfect travelling trainer, packing into a small space easily and providing long-lasting comfort for exploring new cities or just running errands in your own city. 

Characterised by an oversized Nike tick running along the lateral side of the upper, the Nike Zoom Fly 3’s aesthetic is bold and memorable – perfect for a running shoe that will undoubtedly go down in history as a game-changer. 

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