Break out the Duracells! Nissan has released a teaser video of an electric version of the beast known as Godzilla: the R32 generation of the brutal Skyline GT-R, revered worldwide by petrolheads. Except that petrol is the one thing that won't be needed to power what's at present a one-off revival of the sports car that won the Japanese touring car championship four years in a row in the early 1990s, earning the Godzilla moniker.

Nissan hints the battery-powered R32 was inspired by an engineer seeking to make Godzilla "more exciting by incorporating the latest electrification technology". Will that be an uprated version of the system from Nissan's Ariya crossover? The 20-second video features the rumble of the R32's straight-six engine, prompting questions of whether this addictive noise will be routed through external speakers. Either way, the legend of the R32 may gain a new, and potentially very fast, chapter.

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