Elegant, ethical and alluring. That is the very transmission of Norden goods.

The latest contemporary interior accessory company to catch the OPUMO eye, Norden create ceramic goods inspired by the adventures, experiences and memories of husband and wife owners, Erika and Pete Panciera.

There is more substance to Norden's creations, though. With the company mantra built upon experiencing love and emotion through their products.

“At one point or another, each of us comes across an object that gives us a certain special feeling. It could be a precious item handed down from a loved one, an object found at a flea market, or a product at a store that seems like it was designed specifically for us.”

Well Norden’s aim is to capture that very feeling amongst every product they make. Striving to provide heritage quality products that can be passed down generations, and seemingly to defy the frivolous throw-away nature of modern consumerism, Norden make memories to last a lifetime.

Our favourite selection in the extensive Norden catalogue lies within a simple, yet essential interior piece; the ceramic planter.

A necessity in creating a natural aura, and touch of colour and texture to any room, the installation of a planter can exude a refined, contemporary style. The large selection on display at Norden are suitable for indoor and outdoor use so they exude both versatility and functionality. Ranging in size from a 10” cylinder planter ideal to stand alone or on a plant stand, to 12” ideal for a small tree or cactus to the largest offering 15”, which is suited for large, statement plants and trees.

Available across a range of minimal colour palettes including raw terracotta and monochrome white and black ceramics, that will sit elegantly amongst any interior, all planters are made in Baja, California to exact Norden standards.

Take a look at the whole collection over at the Norden website, and show your support to one of the most intuitive interior accessory companies in the world.