Founded by Gustaf Secher in 2016, North-89 has quickly made a name for itself as go-to brand for functional yet stylish footwear. Its Stockholm-designed sneakers are seasonally driven, innovatively manufactured to combat the elements, no matter the time of year.

The brand believes that just as we change our clothing with the seasons — removing layers, swapping trousers for shorts, cashmere for linen, etc. — so should we do with the sneakers we wear. "We are extremely seasonally driven when we design our collections and look at what materials to use," says Gustaf. Drawing on Scandinavian weather conditions, North-89 has created two seasonal collections, both true to their name: Weatherproof, developed to combat rain, snow, and slush during winter; and Breathable, a collection of perforated leather sneakers built for the warmer months.

It's the Spring/Summer '20 Breathable collection that has us particularly excited right now. Of the collection, Gustaf says, "We expanded our permanent collection and increased the use of perforated suede, our best selling material during the warmer months. This material gives a premium and elevated look and feel while still staying functional and breathable, exactly what we are aiming for. We want our customers to be able to wear their sneakers to work, drinks, weekend strolls, or wherever their day may take them." 

Available in a range of subtle colourways, North-89's Breathable sneakers are not only comfortable and practical, they're utterly versatile. Designed in line with a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic, they'll work with everything from your summer uniform of linen shorts and a crisp white T-shirt to tailored trousers and a sharp blazer.

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