“Almost nothing needs to be said when you have eyes.”

Photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani has only recently moved to New York from Turin but that hasn’t stopped him from making his mark on the city. Exploring the Big Apple led Pettigiani to the city's one remaining oasis, Central Park, and it instantly inspired him to transform the attraction into something that has never been seen before.

Recognising that the human eye cannot see in infrared, Pettigiani called upon the help of an exclusive filter to transform the uniform, grey cityscape into a rich and vivacious masterpiece. Delicate candy pink grass and trees are contrasted against turquoise tones that transform the viewer into a realm that straddles the lines of familiarity and fiction. As a result, the obscure serenity and simplicity of the landscape lends itself to a tranquil, relaxed setting that is in stark contrast to the tourist-filled streets that usually come to define Central Park.

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