Modern architecture seems archetypal to vertical construction, yet the studio at Jorgensen Design prove to defy trends; constructing a contemporary home entirely on the base of the Valley floor.  

Resting amongst the Californian vineyards, the unique home boasts a rather rural and luxurious way of living.

The home features an entirely bespoke, flat design and is nestled amongst an array of courtyards and terraces which serve to appease the natural world amongst the modern design features.

Separated in two halves; the home is connected by glass with the entrance garden introducing the two halves of the home with stunning visuals of the surrounding vineyards and forestation.

On the inside, the interior exudes contemporary living; enlacing modern furnishings with various pieces of noteworthy artwork.

The larger, main living quarters, boasts a rich vineyard on the valley floor within eyesight, whilst also providing a 270-degree outlook on the surrounding views of the Mayacamas Mountains, Mt. St Helena and Stags leap. As is a popular concept to conceive these days, the Oak Knoll Residence features a natural transition of adjoining modern living with the visual beauty of the natural world, for truly enchanting results.

The Oak Knoll Residence is the true requisite of a room with a view.